starting over

Reflection is a great tool, until you look in the mirror! It’s taken a long old road (and a lot of support) to get to the point today when I can look back over the year and think “Wow, I really did that. I really did well!” Being proud of achievements earned over the last… Read more

“Your network creates your net worth.” When I first heard those words I thought, ‘oh boy, another one of those sayings…’ Part of the reason was because I really didn’t like networking and didn’t want this to be true at all! By all definitions I am an extrovert, chatty and like people, so why would… Read more

One charitable event. Six awesome committee members. Fifty-three local therapists & well-being business owners. Over two hundred people counted walking through the doors. This may sound like a movie trailer. We don’t mind. We (the committee and I) are so proud of our achievements for our first ever Enfield Wellbeing Showcase. And, for the money… Read more

You know you have talent. The art is letting others know about you, and what you are great at… Here are five top priorities to help you play to your talents. By play, I mean play – have fun! Priority number one: take time out to nourish yourself. If you are well rested, replenished and… Read more

You’ve got talent! You know you have! You already know some of your talents, there are some hidden away, though.

Plenty of people like you have started their therapy business during a down-turn or recession and thrived. The reason for their success:

Like any new trend, every-one wants to jump on the collaboration bandwagon for the ball. With anything new, a …

It turns out all I need to have a lot of fun is my laptop, video-conferencing and a group of awesome women, wanting to rev up their businesses (and lives) to the next level… Yes, I do what I do because it is FUN. On paper though, it sounds like a chore. Most weeks I… Read more

A spoonful of sugar and all that About a month ago I was interviewed live for the very first time about my business, how I got started and one of the amazing goodies I use (Soul Contract Readings) as part of my coaching amazing ladies to plan and launch successful sustainable businesses. For weeks I… Read more

Why being super-human doesn’t work…  and the 5 steps to freedom! Growing up in South Africa taught me to take a very harsh approach to life. The natural order of kill or be killed was simply life on the savannah. Even further, this philosophy translated into me wanting to always be ahead of the pack… Read more